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          Turn to Burns Engineering as your trusted supplier of temperature measurement. We understand the important role temperature plays in your process and are committed to designing the best solution.

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          Sanitary Sensors and Thermowells


          • Designed for:  Pharmaceutical, BioTech and Food & Beverage
          • ASME-BPE compliant
          • 3-A Standard 74-06 compliant
            • Certificate
          • Measuring: distillation, SIP, CIP, retort, autoclave, bioreactor, cold storage, freeze drying, pasteurization
          • ISO-9001: 2015 Certificate




          Industrial Sensors and Assemblies


          • RTDs and Thermocouples in various Styles
          • Explosive Environment Approved
            • EX/XP Approved; Installation drawing; #18938
            • Haz. Loc Rating Details
          • Low cost of ownership
          • Multiple configurations
          • Measuring: distillation, refining, bearing monitoring, gas custody transfer, power generation
          • ISO-9001: 2015 Certificate


          Custom Sensors / Unique Styles


          • Miniature RTDs
          • Surface Mount RTDs & Thermocouples
          • Averaging Sensors - Air Temperature
          • Custom Industrial Designs
          • Measurement confidence for your specific process needs
          • ISO-9001: 2015 Certificate






          Calibration Services and Metrology Products


          • Secondary Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers
          • Cryogenic Secondary PRTs
          • Industrial Secondary PRTs
          • ISO 17025 Accredited 
          • Certificate of Accreditation

          See “Our Promise” of responsiveness.